Eagle Freighter.
White body version.

dinky 360 Freighter - White

White body version of the Eagle Freighter, the rarest and most sought-after of the Dinky Eagles. This model is in pristine condition with no aging to the clear plastic bubble package. The Eagle Freighter has a 'skeleton' centre pod which houses a working magnetic winch and a rotunda with four radioactive waste barrels. The model is supplied with a sheet of decals that should be fixed to the pod barrels (unapplied on this model), these are self-adhesive stickers which once fitted, did have a tendancy to fall off after a short while. The white transporter pod framework is red in colour as opposed to the white pod frame on the first issue freighter which has a metallic blue body. It is this white body model that gives rise to the supposed 'rare' issue 'all-white' transporters (and to a lesser extent, 'all-white' freighters), when the white transporter passenger pod or white freight pod from a blue freighter is fitted to it

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