Eagle Transporter.
Version 2 (2st release).

dinky-359 2nd issue bubble pack

The 2nd issue of the Eagle Transporter. Note the rarer issue packaging design of the card base. The model is supplied with a sheet of decals that could be used to give the pod the 'medical' livery (unapplied on this model, but can be seen in the box). The second issue as seen here has red side thrusters and red plastic engine bells with unpainted engines. There are various colours of the four small plastic windows in the top of the transporter pod - some are clear, some orange, and some red as in the example above. It is common for the clear plastic 'bubble' of the packaging on all Dinky 'bubble-packs' to discolour with age, especially if left in sunlight, this can be seen on the packaging of this model - if left in sunlight the plastic bubble will also go very brittle and crumble easily.

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